Mainstreet Skin & Laser is proud to provide one of the industry’s leading medical skin rejuvenation treatments.

SkinPen® Precision – The only FDA approved microneedling device.

SkinPen Precision micro needling is a device that produces millions of tiny micro channels into the skin using 14 sterile stainless steal needles thus creating a controlled wound. This stimulates tissue remodelling to encourage collagen and elastin formation.

Manufactured in the USA SkinPen is the safest micro needling device on the market. Its ergonomical design plus 100% sealed tips make any possibility of contamination or infection to the skin nearly impossible. There is no pulling or dragging of the skin due to the high quality needles and functionality of the SkinPen.
SkinPen is both Health Canada and FDA approved.



What does SkinPen target?
Using various depths provided by the tip of the SkinPen we are able to target the following concerns:

  • Textural improvements & skin tone
  • Melasma & Pigmentation discolorations
  • Reduce pore size
  • Lip wrinkles
  • Increased product penetration
  • Superficial facial wrinkles
  • Acne/Trauma scarring The treatment is generally done on the face; however, the skin needling therapy can be successfully used on any area of the body.


SkinPen triggers our bodies natural immune system to respond to the treatment area(s) disinfecting, removing debris, increasing blood flow, and stimulation new tissue formation.


The micro-channels SkinPen creates heal over the next 4 weeks forming new granulation cells made of collagen proteins, and form new network of blood vessels.


What to expect before, during and after your micro needling treatment

Before your SkinPen micro needling treatment, we will do a full consultation if it is your first visit. Following visits we will go over how your skin reacted and healed after the previous treatment. Secondly we will cleanse the face to SkinPens micro needling protocol, analyze the skin in the treatment area, numb the area for minimum 20 minutes, remove numbing then proceed with the treatment. During the treatment you may feel mild pricking and experience pin point bleeding. Discomfort, swelling and tenderness in the treatment area can last up to 72 hours.  

Day 1- Erythema (red appearance) and Edema (swelling) are expected in the area being treated, how prevalent erythema and edema are will depend on the needle depth which the treatment was performed at.

Day 2- Tenderness, swelling and redness are still to be expected at a milder level than initially after treatment. Follow your medical aestheticians post procedure instructions and skin care suggestions 24 hours after treatment. sensitivity to products may occur and will subside after a few minutes after application.

Day 3- Tenderness, swelling and redness will begin to subside, sensitivity to post procedure skin care will continue for the next couple days due to the micro channels created from the SkinPen treatment.

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