About Us

Mainstreet Skin and Laser is a sister company to the family practice known as Mainstreet Medical Clinic. This clinic has evolved since 2010 from the original medical practice of just Dr. Screen. Dr. Sharma joined in 2013 and a partnership was developed. As the clinic continued to evolve, we were pleased to have Dr. Gorea join us in 2017, and Dr. Mthandazo in 2021.

Our medical clinic cares for an eclectic group of patients. Between the current four doctors, there is the ability to communicate in English, Punjabi, Russian, Romanian, French and “a bit of” Spanish. We enjoy our multicultural patient profile. Our approach is to work as a team, and we see our role as a “resource” for patients based on their medical needs, goals and beliefs, and involving them in decisions as much as possible. Traditionally, doctors may have dictated treatment and therapy without spending as much time asking patients what they want, but this is not our approach. We are here to serve patients based on their goals, or when we cannot help, we will look for other community resources.

So what is Mainstreet Skin and Laser? In 2019, Dr. Sharma expressed interest in Cosmetic skin treatments such as Laser or Dysport. Out of that interest, we have developed Mainstreet Skin and Laser. We are a business focused on Aesthetics and run by the specialized skills of Kelly Tisdale. The doctors are involved and always prepared to review and assess various skin conditions for the appropriate use of laser or other cosmetic therapies. Our medical overview is one of the unique aspects of Mainstreet Skin and Laser compared to the marketplace that ensures patients get appropriate and safe cosmetic skin treatment for the skin issues. Patients’ safety and quality treatments are top concern.